AgilityTRx is a community care technological workforce, patient scheduling and tracking mobility system that optimises work flow and reporting functions. Gore Health was selected by the Ministry of Health as a pilot site last year to trial this mobility system in our District Nursing area at Gore Hospital. Agility TRx consists of four components:

- a base station web application

- a tablet device with a touch screen for mobile health care staff

- an emergency personal alarm device for mobile health care staff

- a GPS tracking device installed in all fleet vehicles. 

The implementation of this new system using hand held tablets and devices, has been very successful with our district nursing team. It improves the productivity of staff by eliminating unnecessary administration and travel time allowing

more clinical time and an increased number of  visits per district nurse in a given period of time. This system also has the capacity to reduce costs by optimising fuel and time efficiency. 

agility TRX
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