Gore Health is working closely with the University of Auckland to deploy health care oriented robots and software to pilot their use in primary, community and aged care. The overall goals of the pilot are to understand where robots can best provide:

- Improved health outcomes, especially for long term chronic care patients. 

- Cost savings in order to redistribute those savings to further health services

- Staff time savings in order to free up staff to provide additional services

These robots can take vital signs measurements eg blood pressure, heart rate and automatically transfer test data to clinicians and caregivers, monitoring for falls. The robots also have voice recognition and can talk back to patients, remind them to take medications, enhances communications with family and caregivers, walk around the room and provides some companionship. In times of emergencies, the robot is capable of sending off text messages to the holder of a nominated phone indicating a problem. This could be for anything from incorrect medication data through to abnormal vital sign measurement. The robot has been designed with the idea of extending independent living. The robots will be trialled in our GP practice and in the community with aged care and long term chronic care patients.