VitelMed is a telehealth initiative for remote consulting and virtual care. The shortage of GPs, high cost of locums, difficult access to specialist health professionals could all be partially addressed with the help of remote consultations and virtual clinics.

These clinics could be run by GP's, Physician Assistants or with the help of skilled nursing staff. The remotely located GP/Specialist/Nurse is consulted via a tele-medicine system.

telehealth 4 

The system not only transmits video images both ways but also medical records (using interoperable practice management systems) could be transmitted between two computers. Laboratory results, radiological reports and past medical data could be shared on demand. 

telehealth 3

These remote consultations will maximise convenience by eliminating the need for travel by the patient or health care provider. 

Gore Health has been working with the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) on trialling remote consulting for their students who present to the SIT nurse for care/treatment. With VitelMed the nurse/patient will be able to virtually connect to a doctor in our GP Practice for remote consultation as required.